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Donating Money Once off or monthly contributions via PayPal can be made here DONATE via PayPal     Monthly contribution (Debit Order) of a mere R100 directly to the CUDDLE Trust account. Bank account details to make debit order to are: Bank = First National Bank Account name = CUDDLE Trust Account type = Cheque account Branch = Woodbridge Branch Code = 205609 Account Number = 62501149547
Giving of your Time  Put your name on our volunteer list and get notified of projects and a wide range of community outreach work that you can choose to help with when and where it suits you - all on a 100% voluntary basis.
Donating Goods Clothes / Toys / Food / Stationery / Crèche equipment / 2nd hand stuff that can still be put to good use (Carpets, Curtains, Furniture etc.) are all welcome!
You can help the CUDDLE trust to reach those in need in the following ways:
Small monthly donations are by far the most effective way to help the CUDDLE Trust projects remain sustainable. Small recurring contributions are much easier to give than large once off donations and makes it easier to budget more effectively. We are striving for a huge small-contribution network to raise significant funds from a large number of people. Contributors have the benefit of : staying connected with the projects over a long term seeing and enjoying the successes of the CUDDLE Trust experiencing the joy and appreciation of the needy being helped obtaining, at any time, first hand proof and notification of the way the CUDDLE Trust is spending the funds on the different projects. PLEASE join our current growing network of contributors and make a significant difference month by month! For further information contact Lucas Scheepers or Cell : 082 509 6110 Note: PayPal Account administered in South Africa by Lucas Scheepers  (Kempton Park, South Africa).
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